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femme qui fait son choix parmi la sélection de produits dans une machine distributrice Delicouki

Dare to surprise

your customers with cookies and snacks that are as innovative as they are delicious.

Our commitment

We offer a complete line of products that are simply delicious! The entire Delicouki team is devoted to creating a variety of snacks that range from the healthy to the self-indulgent and that are sure to please children of all ages.>/p>

You can taste our expertise and know-how! Our authentic and time proven recipes are made with quality ingredients that have been chosen with care. The Delicouki experience is 100% pleasure and 0% guilt!

Pâtissière qui tient des biscuits frais dans un bol.

Food Service

We are a valued supplier to school boards and to breakfast programs for school aged children. Over 200 000 school children regularly enjoy Delicouki cookies and snacks. Our products are available throughout the healthcare network including hospitals, retirement communities and senior care residences. A Delicouki snack is the ultimate in comfort food.

garçon avec biscuit à la main


If you want to offer your customers products that are original, delicious and fun Delicouki is the answer. We have created holiday themed cookies that celebrate all of the major holidays as well as unique edible cookie puzzles and games. A Delicouki snack is an excellent source of happiness that begs to be shared! They are sure to win over your customers!

Mère et fille qui mange un biscuit avec un verre de lait. Un beau moment réconfortant.

Private Label

As a trusted partner, Delicouki offers you the opportunity to delight your customers by providing them, under your brand name, delicious snacks prepared from quality ingredients.

biscuits dans un bocal en verre