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femme qui fait son choix parmi la sélection de produits dans une machine distributrice Delicouki

Dare to surprise

Your consumers with cookies and snacks that are as innovative as they are nutritious and delicious.

Our commitment

We offer a complete line of products that are simply delicious! The entire Delicouki team is devoted to creating snacks that are nutritious and reminiscent of the home taste. They are sure to please children of all ages!

You can taste our expertise and know-how! For more than 20 years, we only use quality ingredients that have been chosen with care, combining them with authentic recipes. We work in partnership with you: the Delicouki experience is 100% commitment and 0% stress!

Food Service

A Delicouki snack has been a source of comfort since 1998! Very active in the school network, over 200 000 children regularly eat Delicouki snacks! We are also very well integrated into the healthcare network and other institutional sectors across the province of Quebec.

Private Label

As a trusted partner, Delicouki offers you the opportunity to delight your customers by offering them, under your brand name, delicious snacks prepared from quality ingredients.

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If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will help you transform your objectives into reality.

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