100% pleasure and 0 % guilt!

Our mission

Our mission is to dare to surprise with innovative and delicious snacks. Originality, good taste and quality ingredients characterize us.

Great memories

Your grand-mothers cookie jar. Afternoons spent baking with your mother. Cookies and snacks create unforgettable, wonderfully precious and sweet moments! This is what we bake into our products every day.

Simple pleasures

At Delicouki, we strive to cater to those that want a “better for you” cookie or snack as well as for those times when a little self-indulgence is called for. Whatever the occasion and wherever you are Delicouki products will bring joy to children of all ages..

A shared moment

We believe that a moment, enjoying a delicious Delicouki cookie or snack, can create new friendships, solidify old ones, and open a dialogue between different generations or friends in a schoolyard.