«Fruity Duo of Cereals & Granola» Box - 24 bags - Delicouki

«Fruity Duo of Cereals & Granola» Box - 24 bags

A fruity dynamic duo!

Each piece of our Fruity Duo of Cereals & Granola is like taking a bite of happiness! This snack is exactly what you are looking for in a bowl of cereal and granola: crunchy, smooth, delightfully sweet and made with high-quality ingredients, dried fruits, and whole grains.

Deliciousas a breakfast or a snack, Delicouki cereals and granolas are an essential way to start or continue your day with a smile on your face! A joyous little feast when you add milk, yogurt or fruits. It also makes for a great snack when you eat just one piece at a time. A joyous moment is ensues!

Like all Delicouki snacks, this duo is made in a free of nuts or peanuts workshop. We are recognized by « Allergie Québec » and are part of their « Allergy Friendly Foods and Products” category.

Your box of Fruity Duo of Cereals & Granola has 24 bags of 35g each and contains:

  • 12 quinoa and cranberries
  • 12 quinoa and apples