«Classic Duo of Cereals & Granola» Box - 24 bags - Delicouki

«Classic Duo of Cereals & Granola» Box - 24 bags

This natural duo is an instant classic!

What a delight! Classic Duo of Cereals and Granola box comes with 24 little moments of pure pleasure! Made from whole grains, each bite offers you delicious goodness! Like all Delicouki snacks, they are 100% pleasure and 0% guilt.

We dare you to surprise your family with these little bags of wonder! They are a delight in the morning, at noon or anytime of the day! We won't lie to you… we've even eaten them in the evening! They are great served with milk, Greek yogurt, with berries or fruits. So let your imagination be your guide!

Like all Delicouki snacks, this duo is made in a workshop that is free of nuts or peanuts. We are recognized by « Allergie Québec » and are part of their « Allergy Friendly Foods and Products” category. Your box of the Classic Duo of Cereals & Granola has 24 bags of 35g each and contains:

  • 12 oatmeal cereals and granola
  • 12 quinoa and chocolate cereals and granola