“The Classics” Box - 24 cookies - Delicouki

“The Classics” Box - 24 cookies

The box of Classicsis, well… a classic!

The Classics Box contains an assortment of oatmeal and molasses cookies. Placing one of these cookies in a lunch box is a sure way to get a smile and a hug at the end of the day! Tender and delicious, these Classics are great, with a glass of milk or warm beverage. Made from whole grains, these cookies will keep your family fuelled up during those busy days!

Your Classics boxcontains an assortment of 24 individually wrapped cookies. They are ideal in a lunch box for hiking or any sporting activity! Of course, you and your family fall for the great taste of each of the four different cookies contained in each Classics Box.

Your Classics Box has 24 soft and delicious cookies. Your box contains:

  • 6 oatmeal cookies of 50g each
  • 6 oatmeal & raspberry cookies of 50g each
  • 6 oatmeal & chocolate cookies chip of 50g each
  • 6 molasses cookies of 45g each

Like all cookies and snacks made by Delicouki, they are crafted in a workshop free of nuts and peanuts. As a result, we are recognized by « Allergie Québec » and are part of their « Allergy Friendly Foods and Products” category.

If you can resist the delicious taste of Delicouki cookies and not eat them in one sitting (we’ve done that!), you can also freeze your Delicouki cookies. You can take them straight out of the freezer in the morning, put them in a lunchbox, and they will be thawed by snack time!